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Maintenance of fishing gear

Autumn is a great time of year to get out and go fishing.  The fish are in much closer, the weather is (slightly) more settled and the fish are hungry.
So check your fishing rods and reels.
Make sure you  have no scratches or nicks on your guides by rubbing a cotton bud around and inside your guides. Give your reels a birthday treat by cleaning them and check that your drags are working properly.  Nothing worse than a sticky drag.
Now, check your tackle box!

Check your line on your reels, does it need replacing?

Plenty of sinkers, sharp hooks (don't bother keeping your old rusty hooks - dispose of them safely), clips, swivels, etc.
Check your rigs.
Do they need replacing? repairing?  Experts say to use a new rig every time you go on a fishing expedition  After all, you spend a  lot of money on a good rod and reel but it's the end tackle that actually catches the fish!!
Check your bait supplies
The best bait is fresh bait (at least not some old bait that been sitting in the freezer for months or years)  Bait gets freezer burnt and the fish won't touch it. Why go to all the trouble and expense of good tackle gear, and use old bait?


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