Our Whitebait Net Range

Click below to see our range of nets that are in our range for 2021 season

We manufacture new net frames in mostly Stainless Steel or Aluminium.

We can also mend, modify your existing frames  (unless they are absolutely stuffed!) 

We do all our own inhouse sewing of new nets and can custom make nets to suit your existing frame (providing your old frame isn't too wonky!)  

Please note, any modification to our existing frame designs (no matter how small) shown on our website will incur a minimum set-up charge of $100.00 due to re-designing of patterns etc.  Please ask for a quote first.

Please note we design our nets so that they fit  'inside' the frame.  This method gives your net more protection and longevity!  We usually use Ezi-Flow netting and usually in white but we can do grey on special request.


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