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How to make the wings on your flies......
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A really simple and quick flasher-fly to make......
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Learning to make your own fishing flies can be quite rewarding especially when they actually work.. We have put together a few basic steps on a couple of different ways of making them.. Enjoy! Here is one way of tying a basic flasher-fly:...
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Casting the Distance

November 28, 2018
Increasing your distance with your cast can be very useful for getting into the right channel or hole where the bigger fish are.  We've designed our rigs to enable you to achieve those extra few metres by making them more streamlined.  Rigs with only a single trace...
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This really depends on the species you are targeting.  Day fishing is more productive if fishing in coloured water than in clear water and also better on cloudy days than bright sunny days.  Also day fishing is probably more convenient for the whole family to enjoy...
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Autumn is a great time of year to get out and go fishing.  The fish are in much closer, the weather is (slightly) more settled and the fish are hungry.So check your fishing rods and reels.Make sure you  have no scratches or nicks on your guides by rubbing a cotton ...
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Bait Selection

March 26, 2009


When going out on your fishing trip, take a variety of bait with you. Usually pilchards, bonito, trevally and mackerel work well.If you know fish are there and they are not biting what you are offering, then try some other type of bait.When you do catch a fish, open it up an...
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Use Attractor Beads, Luminous Tube, and flashy things on your rig near the hook to help attract fish to your bait. If you know that snapper or other large bitey fish  are being caught in your area at the time, use strong rigs and put some protective tubing on your trace...
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Fishing Tips

September 1, 2004

Baiting Tips

Keep all your bait scraps and bait fish carcasses and keep them in the freezer to use as burley on your next fishing trip.  Even when surfcasting from the beach, just throw in a good lump of burley and within a very short time you will attract the fish. Try putting out...
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