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Making your own Saltwater Flasher Flies DIY - Part 2

A really simple and quick flasher-fly to make...

If you enjoyed making the first basic fly shown in our instructions in Part One then you'll probably enjoy this one too!

Step One
Lay a base of thread.  This step is optional but recommended.

Step Two
Cut a bunch of fly material (not too much or it gets a little hard to tie on all at once) and hold the cut ends between your fingers and place on top of the hook shank.  Try not to cover up the hook eye.  Wrap thread around the whole bunch a couple of turns, check that everything looks OK and then proceed wrapping down nice and firm.  Apply some head cement or varnish onto the head.

Step Three
Carefully slide and push a Snappa Flash Luminous Soft Bead over the hook eye and over the head that you just tied.  The #6 size bead does the job nicely. Not only does the bead hold everything down it also acts as an attractor and protects the thread from being torn by bitey fish

And purely optional - Add some stick on eyes if desired for added visual attraction


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