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Snappa Flash Lumo Beads GREEN SOFT #6

Snappa Flash

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Snappa Flash Lumo Beads GREEN SOFT #6
High quality luminous soft beads. Choose Green or Pink, Soft or Hard
Add one near your hook or slip the soft beads over the eye of the hook.  Add some flasher material to the hook and slip one of these over to hold in place.  Quick simple way to make a flasher fly!   Three sizes - #4, #5, #6. (#4 being the smallest)

Size #6 SOFT (20 beads)

Size #5 SOFT (30 beads)

Size #4 SOFT (40 beads)

Size #6 HARD (30 Beads)

Size #5 HARD (40 Beads)

Size #4 HARD (50 Beads)

TAG: Beads

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